Buying Mortgage Rates Have Doubled. What Does This Mean? Rates have doubled.  I have had both Sellers and Buyers concerned about the recent increase in interest rates.  Buyers are concern because the recent increase of almost 300 basis points (or 3 percentage points) has added hundreds of dollars to the average monthly payment and can kick them into a lower price range or out […]
Buying I’M NOT AN ECONOMIST….BUT I DON’T SEE A HOUSING BUBBLE Home prices have been on a tear the last 18+ months and even with the increase in interest rates over the last six months – almost two whole percentage points – from 3.5% to 5.5% has yet to take steam out of home price appreciation. First, we need to place some definition around the term […]
Real Estate What Doesn’t Impact List Price? Some factors have no impact on price, and as I wrote about last month, some Factors the Seller Controls, while other factors, such as price the Seller does not control.  While the Seller sets the price with a Realtor guiding them, the market ultimately determines the price of a home.  There are several items that […]
Real Estate What Factors Does a Seller Control? What leads to a successful sale for a Seller?  In short, working with the factors the Seller can control and working those factors to the Seller’s advantage:  Condition, Marketing, Pricing, and Ease of Showing are the main factors that the Seller controls. Condition – The more attractive your place – the greater the chance of […]
Buying Lesser Known Massachusetts Residential Tax Credits While Energy rebates are well known and tax credits for Solar are also well known, the tax credits for Lead Paint Removal and for Septic Repair or Replacement are not as well known. Lead Paint Removal – Bottom line, lead paint is dangerous, especially to children.   Much of our housing stock was built prior to […]
Real Estate INDICATIONS THAT YOUR HOME IS OVERPRICED There are typically five prices for a home.  The price you want to get.  The price you list at.  The price at which you get showings.  The price at which you get offers.  And, the final sales price.  My goal as a Realtor is to set expectations from the start so that the difference between […]
Real Estate THE PRE-SALE INSPECTION? BAD IDEA or GOOD IDEA? Most Agents have a strong view on whether a Seller should conduct a pre-sale home inspection.  Most would advise a Seller against conducting a pre-sale home inspection.  My opinion is that the pre-sale inspection is a prudent course of action.  It does have two costs for the Seller.  The actual cost of the Inspection itself […]
Real Estate WHAT SHOULDN’T HAPPEN DURING A LISTING APPOINTMENT The Listing Appointment is an interview of sorts – for the Seller to understand what a particular Real Estate Agent has to offer and the firm that the Agent is associated with has to offer as well.  The Agent is also interviewing the Seller to understand the Seller’s objectives. I normally follow a two-step process.  […]
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