Buying Unveiling the True Costs of Homeownership When embarking on the journey of homeownership, it’s essential to consider not only the obvious expenses – Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance – but also the hidden costs that can significantly impact your budget. Let’s delve into the details to help to plan effectively. It is best to understand the costs involved in home ownership […]
Buying 4 Reasons Rain Is Your Friend When Buying a Home 4 Reasons Rain Is Your Friend When Buying a Home When house hunting, most people envision touring properties on warm, sunny days. The allure of exploring great outdoor spaces, imagining lazy afternoons by the pool, and admiring meticulously landscaped gardens is undeniable. However, don’t underestimate the value of a rainy day. Rain can reveal hidden […]
Buying Beyond the Down Payment: Closing Costs and Other Expenses When Buying a Home Many buyers diligently save for their down payment.  The expenses of purchasing a home extend far beyond the down payment. In today’s market, prices are soaring and continuing to climb.  Accumulating a down payment is a significant challenge for most buyers.  Then, there are the closing costs and other cost to save for. Navigating the […]
Buying Assumable Mortgages – A Quick Overview With interest rates at the highest levels in the last ten plus years, many Buyers are being priced out of the market and are unable to afford to purchase.  Less than two years ago when rates were substantially lower, those same buyers were able to afford to buy. In the early 1980s when my wife’s […]
Buying Why You Need a Buyers Agent in 2024 Change.  Evolution.  It happens in all industries.  One the last major changes for Real Estate was the internet.  Prior to listings being readily available to all, Buyers had to speak with an Agent as only Agents had access to what was available for sale and could easily search for homes for Buyers.  Agents were the […]
Buying Everyone Is Talking About Interest Rates, We Should Also Be Talking About Homeowners Insurance Interest rates have been in the news lately and rightly so…rates have moved from 3.5% to around 8% in the last 18 months.  The impact on buyers has been substantial.  Buyers have needed to increase their budgets, purchase a lesser home, or delay their purchase. The other big one that we (meaning Realtors) need to […]
Buying Mortgage Rates Have Doubled. What Does This Mean? Rates have doubled.  I have had both Sellers and Buyers concerned about the recent increase in interest rates.  Buyers are concern because the recent increase of almost 300 basis points (or 3 percentage points) has added hundreds of dollars to the average monthly payment and can kick them into a lower price range or out […]
Buying I’M NOT AN ECONOMIST….BUT I DON’T SEE A HOUSING BUBBLE Home prices have been on a tear the last 18+ months and even with the increase in interest rates over the last six months – almost two whole percentage points – from 3.5% to 5.5% has yet to take steam out of home price appreciation. First, we need to place some definition around the term […]
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Buying Getting Your Offer Accepted   What can a Buyer do in a heated real estate market where multiple offers are common?  How can you make your offer standout?  Price is always paramount.  If you make an offer above what the comparable sales support, you are entering into the realm of an emotional purchase.  What if you can’t or won’t […]
Buying Lesser Known Massachusetts Residential Tax Credits While Energy rebates are well known and tax credits for Solar are also well known, the tax credits for Lead Paint Removal and for Septic Repair or Replacement are not as well known. Lead Paint Removal – Bottom line, lead paint is dangerous, especially to children.   Much of our housing stock was built prior to […]
Buying WHAT IS IN A CONDO FEE To start….buying a condominium can be a great way to get more square footage compared to a single family home, although in the Greater Boston housing market, condominiums can be just as expensive as a single family home and have equivalent square footage. Condominiums are appealing for those who want maintenance-free living.  In the end, […]
Buying SHOULD YOU WAIVE THE HOME INSPECTION? The market around Metro West Boston is starting to heat up again in certain price segments.  And, bidding wars are starting to emerge again in those certain price segments.  And, Buyers are starting to drop some contingencies when making offers.  So, should a Buyer waive the Home Inspection?  The sort answer is NO.  Unless the […]
Buying WHAT EXACTLY IS A CHEF’S KITCHEN? Often you see listings that describe the Kitchen as being a Gourmet Kitchen or as being a Chef’s Kitchen.  What exactly does this mean?  Real Estate Agents have a knack for using descriptive wording.  Too often, these words are used to describe a Kitchen that is perfectly nice, updated, and looks great – but falls […]
Buying WHY YOU SHOULD USE A BUYER’S AGENT Today we tend to do everything on the internet. The internet is an excellent source of information and a great starting point. It can’t replace the knowledge of a skilled professional.  After reading a few articles, you might be lead to believe you can buy a house by yourself using the internet or some other […]
Buying WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT THE LOT THE HOUSE IS ON Most Buyers have heard the saying, “location, location, location.”  Every Buyer has budget limitations.  Depending on where you want to live, and your budget, you will likely need to make compromises – size of house, proximity to amenities and work, neighborhood location versus busy road, and more. You also need to have a good piece […]
Buying CAN I ADD ON TO THAT HOUSE? You love the neighborhood!  You love the lot!  You would love the house, but just with a little more space!  Don’t just assume you can expand.  It is time to pause.  While expanding your home in most instances can be accomplished, you need to do a little more research about the process to verify you […]
Buying Focus on the House, not the Couch Often when I am hosting an Open House, I hear buyers talking about how their furniture will fit or be placed in the home.  The rooms of most concern are mainly the Living Room, Dining Room and Master Bedroom.  Furniture does represent a substantial investment for most home owners.  A sofa, dining table, or bedroom […]
Buying SO, YOU ARE BUYING A HOME WITH A SEPTIC SYSTEM… If you are coming from a location with a Sewer this may be a whole new world to you and the thought…or fact…that waste (from your toilet, sink, and shower) ends up in your yard may be frightening and a little disgusting. First Things First:  This is not about how Septic Systems work or Septic […]