Sudbury is less driven by large developments than some other suburban towns, but has more developments than neighboring Wayland.  While some neighborhoods were developed in certain decades there are many sections of Sudbury that have no label.  More often, sections of former farm land was sold off and developed creating new streets.  Many neighborhoods abut conservation land with walking and hiking trails.

Arboretum – Arboretum is a small neighborhood of high-end homes off of Route 27 (Maynard Road).  The homes were built in the 2016 to 2018 timeframe. Most are 4 to 5 bedrooms around 4,500+ SQFT.  Finishes vary home to home since they were custom built – high end Kitchens and Luxury Master Suites can be expected.  Streets are Arboretum Way and Cutting Lane.  Prices are in the $1.5M+ range.

Atkinson Farm – Atkinson Farms was developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  Most homes are large colonials with 4+ bedrooms.  The development includes two main streets – Atkinson Lane and Babe Ruth Drive plus Perry and Peterson Circles. Homes are situated on large lots and nearby conservation land provides open green space.  The nearby Atkinson Town Pool and Fields are across the street. Prices range from high $900s to $1.3M depending updates.

Bowker – This is a very popular neighborhood with an established feel with trees and winding streets in North Sudbury.  The homes are spacious, but older built in the 1960s and 1970s.  Most are 4+ bedrooms on 1+ acre lots and 4,000 to 5,000 SQFT.  Prices generally range from $950K to $1.3M range.  Homes line streets on either side of Willis Road such as Belcher Road, Witherell Drive, Buckmaster Drive, Chanticleer Road, Munnings Drive, Suffolk Road, Longfellow Road, Ruddock Road, Thunder Road, and Silver Hill Road. Route 117 for commuting is close by and just a short distance from the convenience of Route 2.

Carding Mill – Is a subdivision comprised of Carriage Way and Henry’s Mill Lane.  Not to be confused with Carding Mill Road which is part of the Westway Hills neighborhood.  The homes circle Carding Mill Pond.  Some homes have water views and have estate like lots of about 2 acres.  Most homes are 4 to 5 bedrooms.  Extensively Finished Basements are normal and the homes are often 5,000 SQFT+.  Most homes were built in the early 1990s.  Homes range in value from $1.25M to $1.6M+.

Cutler Farm – Small neighborhood of higher end homes in South Sudbury.  Next to the Loring Elementary School.  Homes are 4,000 SQFT+ and 4 to 5 bedrooms.  Larger Level Lots.  Closed off neighborhood.  Good commuting location and access to Natick / Framingham shopping and dining.  Prices are in the $1.25M to $1.3M+ range.

Fox Run Estates – Built in the mid to late 1980s Fox Run Estates is a closed off neighborhood in the central part of Sudbury.  Fox Run and Saddle Ridge are the two Streets.  Most homes sit on 1 acre lots and are at least 5,000 SQFT.  Prices are trending in the high 900s to about $1.1M+ range.  Most homes are colonial in style with several contemporary colonials mixed in.

Great Woods – Great Woods is a cul-de-sac neighborhood of higher end homes on Willis Pond. The wooded area includes Phillips Road and Webster Circle.  Some properties may have water access or water views.  Most homes are large Colonials and Capes of at least 4,500 SQFT.  Some homes are over 6,000 SQFT.  Price ranges from high $900s to $1.1M+.

Greenhill Estates – Small sub-division of higher end homes built in the 1999/2000 timeframe off Old Lancaster Road on Plantation Circle.   Homes are large colonials 6,000 to 8,000 SQFT on larger lots – about 2 acres.  Prices in the $1.6M to $1.9M range.

King Philip – Part of this neighborhood is one of Sudbury’s Historic Districts – some of the houses are governed by the historical commission, most are not.  The mid to large sized neighborhood has a mixture of housing styles and price points and is generally the area between Boston Post Road, Concord Road, Old Lancaster Road, and Green Hill Road.  Most homes have 2 to 4 bedrooms homes, 1,600 SQFT to 3,200 SQFT.  Colonials and Capes dominate the neighborhood, some dating to the 17th and 18th centuries Location near the Wayland border offers a great commuting location.  Prices range from the $600s to $900s.

Ledgewood At Sudbury – Small development on Fox Hill Road in North Sudbury.  Private cul-de-sac location.  Built in the mid-2000s.  Homes are 4 to 5 bedrooms and 5,000+ SQFT on 1 acre lots.  Extensive finished basements, Chef’s Kitchens, and lush landscaping are common. All homes were custom built.  Price range from $1.3M to $1.7M

Liberty Hill Estates – Closed off neighborhood in North Sudbury with three roads – Greystone Lane, Julian’s Lane, and Cobblestone Place – with large 1+ acre lots in a wooded setting.  Built in the mid to late 1990s. Most homes are 4 to 5 bedrooms and have 4,500 to 6,000+ SQFT.  Prices are normally in the $1.3M to $1.8M range.

Pine Lake – Pine Lake is roughly bordered by Hudson Road, Willis Lake Drive, Lake Shore Drive, and Crystal Lake Drive.  The homes sizes and styles are eclectic.  Originally Summer Camps for Lake Willis.  Over the years, the homes have been expanded and updated.  The only consistency is the small lot sizes – normally about ¼ acre.  Small ranch style homes needing updates (2 Bed/1 Bath) are about $450K whereas large (4 bed/2 bath) homes are pushing $850K.  Most homes are in the $600-700K making this a great entry point into Sudbury.

Regency Estates – Closed off neighborhood abutting conservation land and the Gray Reservation.  More modest neighborhood of homes – Split Levels, Multi-Levels, Ranch and Colonial Style homes.  The closed off neighborhood is comprised of Saxony Drive, Churchill Street, Normandy Drive, and Tudor Road.  3 to 4 bedrooms.  Most have Master Bathrooms – but smaller – since the neighborhood was built in the late 1960s.  Homes are 2,500 to 3,500 SQFT.  Some expanded homes are larger.  Prices range from the $650s to high $900k range.

Stock Farm – South Sudbury neighborhood.  Located East of Landam Road; Stock Farm Road and south to the Framingham line.  The neighborhood was built out over several decades – Ranches and Capes in the 1950s and 1960s.  Colonials in the 1970s and 1980s.  Most lots are level.  Prices range based on size and updates from $600s to the $900s.  Shadow Oak loop has larger homes built in the early 1980s – those are closer to 5,000 SQFT and push towards $1M.  Great commuting location and access to Natick / Framingham shopping and dining.

Summerfield – Smaller subdivision of large colonial homes built in the late 1990s.  Most homes are 5,000 to 7,000 SQFT with large finished basements.  Closed off neighborhood.  North Sudbury location.  Homes have 4 to 5 bedrooms, home office and 3 car garages.  Prices range from $1.4M to $1.7M.  Streets are Meachen Road and Hunters Run.

Tall Pines – Private cul-de-sac neighborhood in the Central / South Sudbury.  Built in the late 1980s.  Homes are on 1 acre lots.  Neighborhood has an association Tennis Court.  Homes are large colonial in a variety of styles, 4 to 5 bedrooms and 5,000 to 7,000 SQFT.    The neighborhood has mature trees and plantings providing an established feel.  Prices range from $1.1M to $1.5M.  Streets are Bridle Path and Trailside Circle.

Wayside Acres – Part of Alfred Halper’s 200-acre subdivision that comprises Wayside Acres and Wayside Estates.  Cornered between Stearns Mill Pond and Hop Brook Marsh this was a typical 1950s and 1960s development.  Comprised of Barton Drive, Millpond Road, Benbrook Road, and parts of Pine Street. At the end of Millpond Road, a trail offers residents their own private access to Hop Brook Marsh, which connects to the 2,300-acre Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge.  Mainly multi-level homes.  Wooded lots.  Neighborhood feel.  Most homes are 3 to 4 bedrooms.  Modest in size.  Prices typically are in the $600s to $800s.  Expanded rehabs are in the $900s+.  Excellent entry point into Sudbury.

Wayside Estates – Part of Alfred Halper’s 200-acre subdivision that comprises Wayside Acres and Wayside Estates.  Typical 1950s and 1960s development.  Comprised of Linden Road, Polar Street, Sycamore Road, Magnolia Road, Willow Road, Hemlock Road, Tanbark Road, Hobart Road, Kendall Road, and Meadowbrook Road.  Mainly ranch and multi-level homes.  Wooded lots.  Neighborhood feel.  Most homes are 3 to 4 bedrooms.  Modest in size.  Prices typically are in the $600s to $800s.  A few updated and expanded homes are as much as mid $900s+.  Excellent entry point into Sudbury.

Wayside Estates – Amanda Road – Pocket neighborhood of about 20 large colonials built in the late 1990s.  Most homes are in the 4,500 to 6,000 SQFT range.  Large lots are the norm as are expansive Finished Basements.  Large Master Suites, Home Office, and 3 Car Garage are found in most homes.  Prices range from $1.25M to $1.6M based on size and level of updates.

Wayside Inn – Back in the 1700s, Boston Post Road (then King’s Highway) was a well-travelled unpaved road to Upstate New York.  Parts of this road remain as does the historic stone walls and the Wayside Inn (the nation’s oldest inn).  The lot size is a 5-acre minimum making the neighborhood almost estate like.  This neighborhood has many historic homes and some 1950s and 1960s homes.  Several streets were added in the late 1980s and early 1990s with homes that are larger colonials.  The neighborhood covers:  Wayside Inn Road, lower part of Dutton Road, Prides Crossing Road, Jack Pine Drive, and Red Oak Drive.

Westway Hills – The Westway Hills neighborhood is south of Boston Post Road and includes Bigelow Road and Carding Mill Road.  The Carding Mill neighborhood is off of French Road and is a different neighborhood.  Homes in Westway Hills are primarily large colonials (4,500 to 6,000 SQFT+) built in the late 1980s (although there are some homes built later as remaining lots were built out).  The homes are on large, landscaped lots.   Price range from just below $1.0M to $1.5M.

Willis Hills- The Willis Hills neighborhood was built in the mid to late 1990s in North Sudbury.  Homes sit on 1 acre lots and given the name “hills” most lots are not level.  The homes were built by several builders and are mostly 4 to 5 bedrooms and are 6,000 SQFT+.  Home Offices, 3 Car Garages, and Basements featuring game rooms, home theaters, gyms, and tennis courts set the homes apart.  Homes without updates can be found closer to $1M.  Homes with updates average $1.4M to $1.8M.