Sudbury, Massachusetts is approximately 25 miles west of Boston.  Sudbury has focused on the preservation of the town’s fields, rivers, marshes, and forests.  In the decade between 1954 and 1964 the town quadrupled in size, more growth than in any decade since 1775. Route 128 was built in the 1950s allowing companies to locate outside the city.  Thus, much of the housing stock was built during this period.  Today the population is around 20,000.

Single family home prices vary tremendously from a $250,000 cottage near Pine Lake to $2,000,000+ for a larger new construction homes, and home styles vary just as much.  Diversity of housing stock: from 1700’s Antiques along main roads to Deck Homes tucked into the woods to the standard New England 1960s and 1970s Colonials.  Plus:  Capes, Ranches, Raised Ranches, Split Levels, Contemporary Shingle Style homes.  And, homes that do not fit any particular style.

Sudbury is less driven by large developments than some other suburban towns, but has more developments than neighboring Wayland.  While some neighborhoods were developed in certain decades there are many sections of Sudbury that have no label.  More often, sections of former farm land was sold off and developed creating new streets.  Many neighborhoods abut conservation land with walking and hiking trails.

Overall, styles and price points vary, but often coexist comfortably next to each other.

Sudbury Neighborhoods

Sudbury Condominium Developments